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Lakás eladó - Fort Lauderdale - Florida


641 900 USD

Fort Lauderdale

HSZ: X2223254 USA, Florida
Kategória eladó Típus lakás Alapterület 60 m2 Hálószobák 1


This luxury residence lives up to the incredibly high standards of Conrad Hotels & Resorts, a brand synonym of elegance and quality. The Ocean dominates the landscape of Fort Lauderdale’s beach with its majestic figure and refined lines, sitting on the beachfront along with Ritz Carlton, Westin Hotel, W Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Atlantic Hotel and the incoming Four Seasons.

This top-tier resort boasts a wide range of housing options, ranging from studios, one, two or three bedroom residences and penthouses, all carefully designed and geared with the finest furniture and devices available, from the highest quality imported Italian marble to the latest cutting edge German electronic devices.

The Ocean sports an astonishing array of high-end services and infrastructures, such as a 20.000 ft2 pool deck with exclusive poolside restaurant, bar and cabanas, a Conrad Spa featuring massages, HydraFacial treatments, lifestyle coaching and much more, a restaurant and a lounge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a 4,000 ft2 fitness centre with ocean views and state-of-the-art equipment, a gourmet market, a resort retail store with on-site tailor and five high-speed elevators

This combination of features makes The Ocean the ideal place for those who want luxury, comfort and prestige in a more than exclusive American location.

Finally, The Ocean belongs to the EB-5 list, a series of investment projects that - with an investment of at least 900.000 $, and the observance of a few conditions - ensures obtaining the Green Card (permanent Visa in the USA) for the investor and its family.

Finally, a feature that makes this project even more appealing is the 8% Leaseback Program, a solution that guarantees the buyer a 8% yield for the first three years, while allowing the owner to use the property for 30 days per year.


Fort Lauderdale in an iconic location in Southern Florida, just 30 miles North of Miami, and it is the destination every classy yacht-lover knows and craves to be in, and a World-class hub of luxury and glamourous events¸ such as the renowned International Boat Show, one of the major and most prestigious recreational boating event in the world.

This status is backed by solid facts: Fort Lauderdale saw a 9,1% property value increase in 2017, hosts 14 million tourists every year, is home of major designers, fine dining and art galleries, serves as location for Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Port Everglades, an asset worthy 28 billion $ and one of the busiest ports in the entire world, and on top of that its real estate market has 10 years of projected growth with an increase in demand.

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Ingatlan adatai

Irányár:641 900 USD
Megye:USA, Florida
Helység:Fort Lauderdale
Alapterület:60 m2
Hálók száma:1
Fürdőszobák száma:1
Helyiségek Garázs, műhely, melléképület
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